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Many people shy away from wearing bracelets in fear of breaking them. This is understandable as bracelets lie near to the hand and could be snagged during day to day activities. At QP Jewellers we have recognised this problem which is why each and every bracelet we sell is crafted to the highest standards ensuring a sturdy and robust design without compromising on elegance and beauty.

At QP Jewellers we offer many unique and exquisite designs of bracelets, with the QP Jewellers tennis bracelet being the most celebrated of all. The name was unofficially adopted shortly after Chris Evert, a professional tennis player from the USA, dropped and broke a slim linked bracelet which was laced with diamonds. This specific design of bracelet was then associated with the sport and the name has remained ever since.

Chris Evert - Former World No. 1 Ruby & Diamond Tennis Bracelet by QP Jewellers

Our tennis bracelets boast outstanding beauty combining high quality, durable links with sparkling gemstones and gold. We offer our tennis bracelets with an array of gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, tanzanite and aquamarine. Select between several distinct designs such as the triple cluster gemstone or single stone layout.

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