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Earrings make the perfect gift for any occasion, not least for the fact that you're almost guaranteed to buy a size that fits. Any man would agree that buying jewellery for that special lady can often be a very challenging experience. With so many sizes, styles and weights to consider, you might sometimes wish you'd stuck to that gift voucher idea after all. But fear not, as QP Jewellers will take the pain away from the process.

If you're considering some diamond or gemstone earrings as a gift then you're onto a winner. There are many reasons why earrings make the perfect gift. Take our diamond stud earrings for example: their versatility (along with that of all other stud earrings) means they can be worn casually during the day and look fantastic when worn with more formal attire for a big night out. We carefully hand select each diamond and gemstone to make sure it matches its pairing part: our eye for perfection ensures our diamond stud earrings catch and reflect every ray of light.

At QP Jewellers we offer several kinds of earrings, such as Chandelier, Fish Hook, Hoops, Leverback, Studs and Threader earrings. Our designers have chosen these combinations because all of them can be worn with anything in her wardrobe - so you can be confident that whichever design you choose she will appreciate and think of you whenever she wears them.

Chandelier Earrings

White Gold Round Cut 4.0ct Emerald Earrings by QP Jewellers

As the name suggests, chandelier earrings take their name from the ornate and sometimes elaborately decorated room lights. The chandelier earring is very much a timeless classic worn by women all across the globe. Chandelier earrings look best when accompanied with an understated or delicate necklace - nothing too fancy however as the earrings are the star attraction here. Although chandelier earrings can be worn for just about any occasion, they are best suited for evening wear and more formal events. When showing off chandelier earrings we'd suggest that the hair is worn half up, in a ponytail or top knot, as this will help to accentuate the chandeliers.

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Fish Hook Earrings

Gold Fish Hook Round Cut Diamond & Sapphire Earrings by QP Jewellers

Fish Hook earrings use a thin metal wire which passes through the hole and then hangs down the rear of the earlobe. Its close resemblance to a fisherman's hook is where we derive the name from. This type of earring is also known as the "French Hook", which, by virtue of design, is held in place by the weight of the earring itself. Although they may not look it, fish hook earrings are comfortable and can be worn on most occasions, however it would be a good idea to remove them during activities which could lead to the hooks getting caught.

QP Jewellers offer over 200 unique and alluring designs of fish hook earrings in three choices of gold. We offer yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and Sterling silver in our fish hook earrings coupled with a vast selection of sparkling diamonds and gemstones.

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Hoop Earrings

Gold Round Cut 0.75ct Diamond Hoop Earrings by QP Jewellers

There's no surprise as to why our hoop earrings are so popular. The ergonomic design of hoop earrings makes them very easy to attach and detach from the ear without compromising on style. Hoop earrings come in many different styles with the most popular being yellow gold and tubular. These earrings give the effect of one continuous piece of solid gold running through the hole with no signs of a closing mechanism. This is of course an illusion and the earrings can be attached to the ear by using a hinge and clasp. Hoop earrings are one of the most versatile earring designs and can be worn casually or as the finishing touch to a more formal jewellery set.

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Leverback Earrings

Gold Leverback Oval Cut 7.0ct Ruby Earrings by QP Jewellers

As is suggested by its name, a lever and a curved piece of metal is used in the leverback design to secure the earring. A very small hinge is used to snap the earring open and closed, offering a sturdy and robust mechanism. The design characteristics of leverback earrings can be dated back to the ancient Greeks at around 300 BC; early examples show that back then leverback earrings were adorned with deep purple amethysts and luscious green emeralds.

We have heard leverback earrings being referred to as "key earrings" or "snap-back" earrings, both of which describe the overall design of the earring. Not only are our leverback earrings beautiful but they are also one of the most secure earrings you can buy thanks to the enclosed design. As a result, we find that people spend more on leverback earrings with this added security in mind.

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Stud Earrings

White Gold Round Cut 1.0ct Diamond Stud Earrings by QP Jewellers

The words "can be worn with anything", although in many cases true, has become rather cliché in the jewellery industry, but the stud earring really is the true all-rounder. At QP Jewellers we offer over 700 different kinds of stud earrings, and it's easy to find your perfect pair with our useful search function. If you have had your ears pierced in the past then you may know that it's advised to wear studs for the first 6 weeks after piercing. This gives the inside of the hole time to heal with a straight shaft running through it. Even after 6 weeks many people stick with the stud earring as it's easy to use and can't be snagged - a problem all other earrings tend to suffer from at times.

One of the most popular earring designs in history is the diamond stud earring. With the added security of a post friction back, the diamond stud can be worn during everyday use or it can take centre stage on the red carpet. At QP Jewellers we offer a variety of diamond stud earrings set in gold, white gold and rose gold.

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Threader Earrings

Rose Gold Briolette Cut 3.3ct Blue Topaz Threader Earrings by QP Jewellers

Threader earrings use the same attachment principal as fish hook earrings although threaders have a very light chain incorporated into the design. Threaders make for gorgeous evening wear and look fabulous with a long flowing dress. QP Jewellers offer a wide range of stunning threader earrings. A choice of gold, white gold and rose gold is available as well as nine different pearl and gemstone options.

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