Gemstone Cuts & Shapes

Baguette Cut

The term "baguette cut" is derived from the French word from which we commonly associate bread. The actual translation of baguette means "long rod", which is why the name refers to bread sticks and of course the beautiful gemstone cut.

The baguette cut started life off during the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements of the 1920s and 30s. During this time there was high demand for functionality and the angular, geometric form which the baguette cut had to offer. Many jewellery designers utilised the cut primarily in costume jewellery and then turned their attention to diamonds and other fancy gemstones in an attempt to see how well the baguette cut stones could bend and reflect light.

Jewellers usually measure the length and width of baguette cut stones as opposed to the carat weight alone. We also tend to create jewellery items out of small baguette cut stones as the baguette cut has an uncanny ability to show off every possible inclusion. As a result, our baguette cut gemstones are high quality and almost inclusion free, making them the perfect centrepiece in many kinds of jewellery.

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Briolette Cut

When observed from the side, a briolette gemstone appears to have very similar geometry to that of a pear cut gemstone. However, the multifaceted appearance of a briolette is very different from all other gemstone cuts. The cut was brought to the forefront of fashion in the Victorian era and many famous gemstones and diamonds adopted the cut over the years, one of which was the legendary 275 carat briolette diamond which Napoleon gave to Marie Louise in 1811. Unfortunately we do not have any 275 carat diamonds for sale but we do have many stunning gemstones which utilise the shimmering qualities of this abiding cut.

Although this gemstone cut is steeped in rich history, it is by no means out of fashion. The briolette pendant is one of QP Jewellers' most celebrated necklaces and it's easy to see why. With so many facets to this particular cut, the light is able to reflect from almost every angle giving this stone a unique quality which no other gemstone possesses.

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Bullet Cut

Lesser known but equally as remarkable is the bullet cut gemstone. When viewed face on, this particular cut resembles a baguette shape but get a little closer and you'll see one end of the gemstone begin to taper inwards. No points for guessing how this gemstone cut received its name: the bullet cut resembles a bullet from a gun, which is the perfect shape for a pair of hanging earrings or a gorgeous pendant suspended by a necklace. At QP Jewellers we offer bullet cut jewellery in blue topaz, green amethyst and citrine. These stunning pieces can be worn as complimentary sets or recognised as individual pieces.

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Cushion Cut

The cushion cut gemstone is becoming increasingly popular within the jewellery world. It is often thought of as a modern cut when in fact its history is far stretched and pre-dates the 19th Century. Its geometry is a mix consisting of a princess cut base with rounded corners. As a result, the name "cushion cut" is very fitting and vividly describes this gemstone.

Some of the world's most famous gemstones have been cut this way, and one of the most famous of all is the blue Hope Diamond which now resides as a museum piece in Washington DC. The Hope Diamond is a 45.52 carat cushion cut diamond which started life off in India, slowly making its way west to France, then Britain, and to its final resting place in the USA.

This priceless cushion cut diamond gave our expert design team inspiration when crafting our exquisite cushion cut pendants. With more than 150 different cushion cut designs ranging from leverback earrings to bold rings, we're convinced you will find the cushion cut that's right for you. Why not begin your own gemological fairytale, starting with a gorgeous cushion cut necklace which could be handed down from generation to generation just like the Hope Diamond.

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Emerald Cut

Our stunning selection of statement jewellery uses the octagon-shaped emerald cut gemstone like no other. Bold and boastful jewellery requires an equally loud gemstone cut, which is why we have selected the deep chunkiness of the emerald cut for our most lively pieces.

As the name suggests, this gemstone cut was originally intended for emerald pieces. But this gorgeous cut couldn't be wasted on just one stone: we use the emerald cut for hundreds of our jewellery pieces, on an array of precious and semi-precious gemstones. The light emitted from emerald cut stone travels down straight parallel lines, and although some say the cut is less fiery than a brilliant cut stone, the colours on offer tend to be deeper and reflect broad flashes of light from multiple angles.

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Heart Cut

The heart shaped gemstone has to be the world's most romantic shape. The stone starts off life as pear cut gemstone which is then subject to a cleft at the top of the stone whilst ensuring the length-to-width ratio remains at 1.00 (or 1:1). A letter written by the Duke of Milan in 1463 is the earliest known reference to a heart shaped stone. In the letter he states that the heart cut gemstone belonged to Cosimo de' Medici, who was a ruler of Florence during the Italian Renaissance.

This style of gemstone looks fantastic as a pendant and can be matched with heart shaped earrings or even a ring. We have had so much positive feedback from our customers who have worn and loved the heart shaped gemstones that we have now expanded our collection to include heart shaped gems of all descriptions. It may not come as a surprise that one of the most loved pieces of heart shaped jewellery is the classic heart shaped ruby pendant set in gold. This necklace combination has been a classic gift and token of love for many years: its simplistic yet eye-catching design has led to many smiles on Valentine's Day and Christmas mornings.

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Marquise Cut

The marquise cut (or navette cut) has two sharp points at each pole and is characterised by its elliptical shape. This particular cut first emerged in the 18th Century during a time when alternative diamond cuts were becoming popular within the jewellery industry. Inclusions tend to be slightly more visible within a marquise cut gemstone; the inclusions are most visible in the belly or centre of the stone. As a result we hand select every marquise gemstone, ensuring it is as inclusion free as we can get it and perfectly matched with its neighbouring gemstones.

The marquise cut stone plays a part in an optical illusion in which it tends to look larger than it actually is when viewed from a face-on angle. The recommended length-to-width ratio is 1.75 to 2.25.

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Oval Cut

The oval cut gemstone has to be one of the youngest types of cut on offer. The design was finalised in the 1950s by Lazare Kaplan, which offered an alternative to the timeless round cut gemstone we all know and love. The oval shape, although universal, was intended to accentuate slender fingers when set into a ring. The design is now considered a staple in every jewellery lover's collection.

An oval cut gemstone usually has around 58 facets and is typically cut with a length-to-width ratio of 1.33 to 1.66. The beauty of an oval cut gemstone is its ability to look a lot larger than it actually is. A 1.0ct oval cut diamond can look considerably larger than a round cut diamond of the same weight, and because of this crafty optical illusion the oval cut gemstone is as popular as ever.

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Pear Cut

The hybrid design of the pear cut gemstone lends itself to both round cut and marquise cut stones. Viewed from the top it shares similarities with the marquise stone whereas viewing the stone from the side will give the appearance of a round cut diamond. Like the oval cut stone, the pear cut usually has 58 facets and has a typical length-to-width ratio of 1.50 to 1.70.

Pear cut diamonds sometimes suffer from a lighting issue known as the bow tie effect. This happens when light passing through the centre of the gemstone casts a shadow in the middle, giving the similarity of a bow tie. Fortunately our beautiful gemstone items do not suffer from this issue. Our white gold rings look fantastic when complimented with a pear cut amethyst.

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Princess Cut

The princess cut is one of the most popular shapes in modern jewellery design, second only to round cut. The cut has superb brilliance and comprises of either 57 or 76 facets with a length-to-width ratio of around 1.0 to 1.05.

This cut was designed for maximum light dispersion which makes it a fantastic stone cut for diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other highly reflective gemstones. Of all the square-based cuts, the princess cut wears the crown when it comes to popularity and performance. This gemstone cut is perfect for the centrepiece of a shouldered ring and is altogether dazzling when suspended by a double link rope chain as a QP Jewellers pendant.

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Round Cut

The undisputed champion of gemstone cuts is the humble round cut. The round cut design is responsible for more than half of all the diamonds sold today. The beauty of this stone starts at a molecular level: we cut this shape along its natural crystal structure ensuring every photon is reflected as vividly and as sharply as possible.

The round cut gemstone has been in development for hundreds of years and has attracted the attention of many scientists and mathematicians who have all had a credible input into how the diamond should be cut in an attempt to maximise its reflective potential. The result of all this hard work is best showcased in a QP Jewellers diamond solitaire ring.

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Square Cut

Although very similar to both emerald cut and princess cut gemstones, the square cut is ideal for colourful gemstones such as ruby, peridot and topaz as it has slightly less facets and therefore offers deeper and more vivid colour reflection.

We have a stunning selection of square cut rings, earrings and necklaces, each piece adorned with a beautiful gemstone of your choice. One of our most popular items of jewellery to feature the square cut gemstone is our famous white gold square cut 2.5ct ruby ring. This ring has appeared in Vogue magazine and later was also produced in rose gold - back by popular demand.

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