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A necklace is a perfect gift idea to show your love and appreciation. Each necklace is handmade to the highest standards using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. We offer many different pendant designs, each available in almost any gemstone of your choice. From amethyst and citrine to rubies and diamonds, you're sure to find that special necklace to mark the occasion.

Selecting the correct necklace length

Selecting the right length of necklace is important. Different lengths are usually suited to various occasions. At QP Jewellers we offer several lengths for all necklaces. The shortest length we offer is 14". Together with the 16" option we classify these lengths as choker lengths; they are great for accentuating the neckline as they sit just above the collar bone. Necklaces with a pendant will be worn at a length that allows the pendant to be visible.

The average (and most popular) chain length for a pendant bought from QP Jewellers is 18". Both 18" and 22" necklaces hang elegantly over the collar bone - necklaces of this length are commonly known as princess length necklaces. Our longest necklace option is 24". This is often referred to as the opera length and is usually worn over top of a blouse or a dress.

Chain Lengths available at QP Jewellers
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