Silver Education

At QP Jewellers we make our silver jewellery using solid Sterling silver. We know that a lot of jewellers use silver plating in their designs, but we have decided that solid is best, as plating will often wear down over time and could chip easily. We add a small amount of alloy to give the otherwise soft metal some strength and durability without having to compromise on lustre and shine.

Crafting jewellery using pure silver (or fine silver as its otherwise known) would increase the risk of damaging the piece. Pure silver is very soft and malleable which is the precise reason we add a small amount of copper to give the silver stronger characteristics. This combination of metals is known as Sterling silver, which is the standard name for a majority of pure silver with a small amount of copper. The result is durable yet overwhelmingly beautiful metal which will last a very long time.

Over the centuries many different types of metal have been alloyed with silver. Copper has proven to be the greatest aid in increasing strength but also adding a special something to the way the metal looks. Copper helps retain the natural aesthetic qualities of silver making it the perfect material to craft jewellery from.

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