Are your stones natural or treated?

All of our diamonds and gemstones are natural, with the exception of Cubic Zirconia which is a fully synthetic stone. Be aware of a large number of online and high street jewellers who sell jewellery remanufactured using composite gemstones. Composite gemstones are glass filled to improve the transparency of the stone while decreasing its value. QP Jewellers do not use this method and only sell jewellery with natural stones.

The natural processes that occur in the earth's core over millions of years to form the gemstones involves exposure to extremely high temperatures. Once mined and cut, most stones undergo heat treatment where the stones are heated up to 1800 degrees C (3300 degrees F) to naturally enhance the colour of the stones. This is a secondary continuation of the earth's natural heat process and is in no way artificial, which is why almost all stones used in fine jewellery have undergone this enhancement process. Some cuts of stones in our jewellery have undergone such treatment, and some natural, raw cuts (such as the briolette) have not.

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