Do you supply certificates with the jewellery?

QP Jewellers will send an Official Manufacturer's Appraisal Certificate for every item purchased from our store. Appraisals show the independently valued retail price of each genuine QP Jewellers item. The appraisal value is calculated using thorough evaluation of all characteristics of the jewellery to be appraised.

QP Jewellers Manufacturer's Appraisal Certificate

A breakdown of the cut, colour, clarity and weight of each gemstone is supplied on each appraisal certificate. In the event of loss, theft or damage, your insurance company will offer an equal replacement when the certificate is presented to them. Exact appraisal values are also indicated throughout our web site.

In addition, each item of jewellery is supplied with a QP Jewellers Certificate of Authenticity card. This small card is a guarantee that the item(s) you have purchased are authentic, official and direct from QP Jewellers.

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