What is my ring size?

At QP Jewellers we offer every ring size from A to Z, including half sizes. There are several ways to find your exact ring size - most involve visiting your local high street jeweller and using gauge rings or calipers, which is a service offered by every jewellery store. Alternatively, if you reside in the UK please click here to order a free Ring Sizing Gauge from QP Jewellers.

ISO Standards for ring sizes

Depending on your country there are a number of ways of denoting ring sizes. The UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand use an alphabetical scale from A to Z, also with half sizes. The US and Canada use a numerical scale which also include quarter and half sizes, and other countries use different numerical scales. Below is a chart to show a comparison of the different ring sizes, standards and measurements.

No matter which size you order you can rest assured that our delivery time scales will remain unchanged.

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