A Guide To Birthstones

January: Garnet

White gold garnet necklace by QP Jewellers

At the beginning of the calendar we have the warm, deep reds of Garnet. This fascinating gemstone has remained the main ingredient of many jewellery articles for thousands of years. A high quality garnet should be almost inclusion free and offer high levels of transparency. If you're lucky enough to have this gem as your birthstone then why not take a look at our beautiful garnet necklaces - the pendant pictured features a 0.85ct oval cut garnet and double link rope chain, available in many lengths.

Our garnet jewellery starts at £55

February: Amethyst

Amethyst and diamond ring by QP Jewellers

February's birthstone has to be one of the most colourful and vivid gemstones in the world. Amethyst jewellery is very popular due to its abundance, but largely because of its sheer outstanding beauty and variations of rich purple hues. The 0.75ct amethyst stone in the ring pictured is flanked by two natural diamonds and set in white gold.

Our superb selection of amethyst jewellery starts at £55

March: Aquamarine

Gold aquamarine pendant by QP Jewellers

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for the month of March. As the name suggests, aquamarine has long been associated with water and seafarers. The ancients believed that this gemstone would bring you good luck whilst out at sea, so why not see if it's lucky for you too? High quality aquamarines have a clean, sharp appearance and boast shades of light blue which change in the light. The pendant pictured features a solid gold bar with a suspended aquamarine at the tip.

Find your lucky aquamarine for as little as £75

April: Diamond

White gold diamond stud earrings by QP Jewellers

A girl's best friend and the birthstone of April is the diamond. If your birthday is in April then you may be in for some luck as buying diamonds isn't as expensive as you would have once thought. At QP Jewellers we strive to drive down the price of quality diamonds, making them more accessible than ever. This stunning pair of diamond stud earrings is set in white gold and makes the perfect gift for that special someone with a birthday in April.

Prices as low as £135

May: Emerald

Pear cut emerald necklace by QP Jewellers

Emerald is one of the world's most valuable and fascinating gemstones. Colours can range from light opaque greens to deep and transparent hues depending on the quality of the emerald and the wearers personal preference. Flawless specimens are exceptionally rare and often dwarf the price of good diamonds. At QP Jewellers we have luscious emerald pieces to suite all budgets, such as this dazzling necklace (pictured) with a one carat, pair cut emerald.

Our emerald range starts at £179

June: Pearl

4ct pearl stud earrings by QP Jewellers

Pearls are the traditional birthstone of June. Pearls are organic gems retrieved from molluscs, of which only a small percentage will produce a pearl good enough to be crafted into jewellery. High quality pearls, such as the ones we use in our jewellery, reflect light in their own unique pearlescent way. These pearl earrings are a timeless classic and are a necessity for every lady's jewellery collection.

Pearl jewellery starts at £49

July: Ruby

Ruby heart necklace by QP Jewellers

There is no better time of the year to showcase your ruby jewellery than in July. The fiery reds that our rubies produce are unmatched in the jewellery world and that's why ruby is our most sort after and popular gemstone. The best examples of rubies have good translucency and colour depth such as the piece in this picture. This striking necklace is made using solid gold and contains a high quality heart shaped ruby.

Ruby items start as £165

August: Peridot

Rose gold peridot studs by QP Jewellers

Peridot is the birthstone for August. Its bright, vibrant variations of green are unique among all gemstones. Good quality peridots boast high transparency and glow brightly, almost like uranium. The peridot studs pictured are set in rose gold, which compliments the green and yellow hues emitted by the peridot gemstones perfectly.

Pick up a peridot for as little as £55

September: Sapphire

Sapphire and diamond necklace by QP Jewellers

Sapphire is the birthstone for September. Not all sapphires are blue; at QP Jewellers we offer a selection of pink sapphire items too, such as our very popular pink sapphire hoop huggie earrings. High quality sapphires are transparent and have smooth and very vivid blue hue. The sapphire pendant in the picture is suspended by a double link rope chain and features four natural diamonds. This gorgeous necklace is available in yellow, rose and white gold options.

Our sapphire collection starts from £179

October: Opal

Gold opal earrings by QP Jewellers

The traditional birthstone for October is Opal. At QP Jewellers our light opals are hand selected to make sure we use the brightest and most dramatic pieces within our jewellery. Greens, blues, oranges and purples are only a few of the vast array of colours to be present within our opal jewellery. Here we have a stunning pair of leverback opal earrings set in yellow gold. As with all QP Jewellers items, you can select a gold that suits you.

Opal items start at £95

November: Topaz & Citrine

White gold 7ct topaz ring by QP Jewellers

For many years it has been disputed over whether November is the month of topaz, or that of citrine. We'll give you the lowdown on both. The radiance of our Swiss blue topaz is very dramatic and looks fantastic when set into an item of jewellery. For thousands of years topaz has been used in jewellery for its vivid blue hues and good transparency. This white gold topaz ring showcases the qualities of the gemstone perfectly. Offering both light and deep blues, blue topaz is the stone for every occasion.

Our topaz jewellery starts from £55

White gold citrine pendant by QP Jewellers

Fiery citrine is widely considered to be the second birthstone for November. This gemstone derives its name from the French word for "lemon". It's clear to see why, as this gemstone is available in many zesty colours ranging from warm oranges to fresh yellows. Citrine is a member of the quartz family and therefore good examples should be free from inclusions and vibrant in colour. The citrine necklace pictured has an impressive 1.45ct round cut citrine which is elegantly suspended by a white gold chain.

Citrine jewellery starts from £55

December: Tanzanite

Rose gold tanzanite butterfly necklace by QP Jewellers

The festive month couldn't lend itself to a more appropriate gemstone than tanzanite. The exotic violet colour of the tanzanite stones is enough to brighten up the cold wintry days of December and looks stunning to say the least. A relatively newly discovered gemstone, tanzanite is unique in colour, and is also available in enchanting blue hues which are equally as sparkling as their violet varieties. This rose gold butterfly necklace is one of many examples of this exquisite gemstone.

Our tanzanite jewellery starts from £175

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