Anniversary Gemstones

Each and every anniversary marks a personal milestone within a relationship. At QP Jewellers we believe these milestones should be celebrated and remembered forever, so we've constructed this helpful table and buying guide to help you find that perfect anniversary gift.

The traditional anniversary gifts started with items such as paper and cotton - not very exciting, but at QP Jewellers we offer a fantastic selection of gemstone jewellery fit for many special anniversaries. We strive to offer the best possible prices for anniversary jewellery so you don't need to break the bank to give her a gift she'll cherish for many more anniversaries to come.

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1Gold18Cat's-eye Chrysoberyl
4Blue Topaz21Iolite
6Amethyst23Precious Topaz
8Tourmaline25Silver Jubilee
9Lapis Lazuli30Pearl Jubilee
13Citrine50Golden Jubilee
15Ruby60Diamond Jubilee
16Peridot70Sapphire Jubilee
17Amethyst80Ruby Jubilee

1st Anniversary: Gold

Gold hoop earrings by QP Jewellers

To mark the first year of your relationship why not treat her to a pair of beautiful solid gold hoop earrings which she can treasure forever. Our gold hoop earrings are available in many different designs and sizes; we offer chandelier, hoop and leverback designs so you're sure to find the pair she loves. For a modern twist on your first year anniversary why not consider a different type of gold? All earrings are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

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2nd Anniversary: Garnet

Garnet necklace by QP Jewellers

To commemorate your second year together there can't be a more romantic gemstone than garnet. The warm, deep reds of garnet look fantastic when set into a white gold ring or necklace. Our bold garnets don't require any support from gold detailing; we think all emphasis should be placed on our rich, wine coloured garnets which is apparent throughout our designs.

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3rd Anniversary: Pearl

Pearl stud earrings by QP Jewellers

A third year anniversary should be celebrated with the gift of gold pearl stud earrings. Our round fresh water pearls look best with post friction push backs, simplicity in a beautiful form. Our hand selected pearls have rich, creamy champaign colours which can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. This top choice for a third year anniversary gift is available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold making them the perfect token anniversary gift.

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4th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz bracelet by QP Jewellers

Blue topaz is one of the brightest, most luminescent gemstones we know of. Our Swiss blue topaz tennis bracelet would make an excellent fourth anniversary present. Set in white gold and flanked by quality diamonds, our oval shape blue topaz stones couldn't look more dazzling. Find your favourite blue topaz tennis bracelet here.

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5th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire pendant by QP Jewellers

Your five year anniversary is the first real milestone in your relationship and what a famous gemstone to go with it. Sapphire is the anniversary stone for celebrating a five year relationship. Our gold sapphire necklaces would make excellent gift ideas for marking an ever strengthening bond with your partner. Our selections of sapphire pendants are crafted using many different stone cuts and are suspended from elegant double link rope and box chains. Be sure to check out our very popular white gold sapphire heart pendant.

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6th Anniversary: Amethyst

Amethyst & diamond ring by QP Jewellers

Mulberry, plum, lilac and magenta are just a few of the spectacular colours within our amethyst jewellery. For your sixth year anniversary there are so many stunning pieces of jewellery on offer. Our most critically acclaimed amethyst and diamond shoulder ring is highly recommended as a gift for your six year anniversary. The ring is set in white gold and is complete with the finest gold detailing on the band and shoulders. A single 1.50ct round cut amethyst gem sits flanked by 18 natural diamonds. To find out more click here.

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10th Anniversary: Diamond

Diamond stud earrings by QP Jewellers

The big one zero deserves a gemstone with no equal. Diamond is the traditional anniversary stone to commemorate ten years of love. white gold diamond stud earrings would make the perfect gift to celebrate this important milestone in your journey through life. Our diamond stud earrings are available in all three types of gold and are secured using post friction push backs. We offer several unique designs and sizes to fit all budgets, ear sizes and styles.

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13th Anniversary: Citrine

Citrine ring by QP Jewellers

The flashing sunset colours of citrine look mesmerising when cut into an emerald shape and set in a solid yellow gold ring. As one of our most popular citrine pieces, this ring would make a fantastic gift for a 13th year anniversary present. Boasting a large carat weight and flawless internal characteristics there's no wonder why we have received so much positive feedback about this gorgeous fiery ring.

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14th Anniversary: Opal

Opal necklace by QP Jewellers

Mystical opal is the anniversary stone for 14 years of marriage. Our opal jewellery reflects many unique, vibrant colours including deep purples, vivid greens and fire reds. A perfect gift for a 14th anniversary is our gold opal necklace with natural pear shaped opal pendant. This stunning necklace is available on its own or as part of a gorgeous set consisting of necklace, earrings and ring.

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15th Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby heart pendant by QP Jewellers

Another milestone calls for another fabulous jewel, ruby is the anniversary gem for celebrating 15 years of marriage and its one of our favourite gemstones. Our ruby items are crafted using the finest blood red rubies with solid white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. To celebrate your 15th year anniversary we would highly recommended taking a look at our ruby necklace selection and in particular our solid gold heart cut ruby pendant with double link rope chain. This has to be one of our most romantic pieces of jewellery, one she we cherish forever.

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16th Anniversary: Peridot

Peridot earrings by QP Jewellers

Peridot is a fantastically lively gemstone emitting the most extraordinary hues of green. Our peridot jewellery would make a perfect gift to accompany her jewellery collection on your 16th year anniversary. The peridot gems used in our peridot earrings almost look radioactive, colours of apple and lime beam out of every facet, complimented by shiny white gold. Our recommendation for this anniversary is a pair of solid white gold hoop huggie peridot earrings.

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17th Anniversary: Amethyst

Amethyst ring by QP Jewellers

The 17th year anniversary is celebrated with amethyst, making its second appearance so far in the anniversary gemstone table. We think a great way to celebrate this long awaited anniversary is with a solid white gold pear cut amethyst ring. To make things a little more special, this ring contains a gorgeous K-M colour diamond which sits beside the deep purples from the centre amethyst gemstone.

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19th Anniversary: Aquamarine

Aquamarine stud earrings by QP Jewellers

To help commemorate 19 years of true love, prepare to be amazed by the sheer beauty of our aquamarine jewellery collection. Sky blues and icy hues glow from our high quality aquamarine gemstones. We think a pair of solid white gold aquamarine stud earrings is the perfect gift for illustrating your never ending love for your partner. These gorgeous stud earrings are available in all three kinds of gold but appear to look extra special when set in white gold.

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20th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald solitaire ring by QP Jewellers

20 years of marriage is something to be overjoyed about and one of the world's favourite gemstones lends itself to this very special time. We have a superb selection of emerald jewellery including this solid rose gold emerald solitaire ring. Its contemporary look exaggerates the deep green colours emitting from the round cut centre emerald. Whichever gold colour she prefers you can rest assured as QP Jewellers set every piece of jewellery in a gold colour of your choice.

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24th Anniversary: Tanzanite

Tanzanite necklace by QP Jewellers

Found only in Tanzania this stunning lavender gemstone is simply embellishing when suspended by a solid gold double link rope chain. We believe our tanzanite necklace pendants would make for a perfect 24th anniversary gift. The necklace on show consists of four round cut tanzanite gemstones draped elegantly over a solid white gold S shape. Our necklaces are available in several lengths and we offer two different chain thicknesses.

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25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

Silver & aquamarine earrings by QP Jewellers

Silver is used to celebrate a 25 year jubilee and at QP Jewellers we have many gorgeous silver pieces of jewellery which would make excellent gift ideas to mark this special occasion. Our solid sterling silver hoop huggie earrings have a shine like no other; they can be worn with many different outfits and for any occasion. If your partner prefers a little more colour in her jewellery then why not take a look at some of our stylish sterling silver gemstone jewellery. The icy blue hues of aquamarine complement our sterling silver settings perfectly.

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30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

Diamond & pearl ring by QP Jewellers

A solid yellow gold pearl ring makes for a great gift idea to help commemorate such a special milestone. The fresh water pearl within this piece sits snug beside a high quality natural diamond. As ever, our rings are available in three kinds of gold; white gold yellow gold and rose gold, all of which look elegant and can be matched with either a necklace or a pair of complimentary earrings. Make your 30 year anniversary a one to remember with a QP Jewellers pearl set.

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35th Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald & white topaz earrings by QP Jewellers

Set into beautifully reflective white gold, these princess cut emerald and white topaz earrings are a must have for any jewellery collection. Consisting of 6 impressive emeralds and boasting a generous .78 carat weight, we think these gorgeous earrings would make an adept 35th year anniversary present.

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40th Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby solitaire ring by QP Jewellers

Crowning the top of an exquisite solid white gold solitaire ring is our round cut ruby gemstone. Our ruby jewellery is unequalled and has appeared in many international style magazines such as Vogue magazine and Marie Claire. Your 40th year anniversary would not be complete without our most celebrated ruby ring yet. Indulge your loved one with this stunning white gold round cut 1.35ct ruby solitaire ring.

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45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Diamond & sapphire earrings by QP Jewellers

Sapphire is the classic gift given on a 45th year wedding anniversary. At QP Jewellers we have many lovely sapphire pieces to choose from; necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets all adorned with gorgeous blue sapphires. We recommend having a good look through our sapphire jewellery collections but we must showcase one of our favourite sapphire pieces first. In our opinion there is only one thing better than a pair of gold sapphire earrings - gold sapphire earrings laced with high quality natural diamonds. Our gold leverback pear cut sapphire earrings contain 10 diamonds situated above the pear cut sapphires.

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50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Gold necklace by QP Jewellers

Gold is the traditional gift given to celebrate a 50th anniversary. This rarely celebrated anniversary deserves only the best gold jewellery gift. We have a multitude of gold gemstone jewellery pieces but if it's gold by itself you wanted then look no further. Our simply gold items have been hand crafted to the highest standards by our expert goldsmiths, offering many breath-taking designs which utilise the very latest gold crafting techniques. With a choice of yellow gold, rose gold and white gold why not take a closer look at this stunning solid gold chandelier necklace which is available in many sizes and features a double link rope chain.

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60th Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee

Diamond solitaire ring by QP Jewellers

Diamonds are the classical gift to help make a 60th anniversary even more special than it already is. At QP Jewellers we strive to drive down the price of our diamond jewellery without compromising in quality and design. We believe diamond jewellery should be accessible, affordable but most of all full of wonder and beauty. A diamond ring would be a perfect gift for a 60th year anniversary. Our diamond solitaire rings are available with several types of dazzling diamonds including rare blue diamonds, green diamonds and black diamonds. As ever, our diamond solitaire rings are available in all three kinds of gold and varying diamond carat weights.

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70th Anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee

Sapphire & diamond necklace by QP Jewellers

Celebrating a sapphire jubilee or 70th year anniversary is a landmark occasion and one which should be remembered with a lustrous piece of sapphire jewellery. Seven decades of loyalty shouldn't go unrecognised so why not take a look at our sapphire necklace range. One of our most famous necklaces for such a special occasion is our gold pear cut necklace with four high quality diamonds. This necklace can be made using one of three gold types and is yours with a chain length and thickness of your choice.

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80th Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

Ruby tennis bracelet by QP Jewellers

Not many people see their 80th year anniversary so if you know someone who is about to celebrate this momentous occasion then do it in style with piece of jewellery from our ruby collections. Our rubies are hand selected and set into our fabulous jewellery designs with the utmost craftsmanship. This elegant white gold oval ruby bracelet is the perfect way to say thank you for so many years of happiness and love.

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