Buying Guide

Choosing that special gift for a loved one can sometimes be complicated, which is why we've created this useful guide to help you find the perfect piece. Read through the descriptions below to help distinguish which style she'd prefer.

Statement Jewellery

6.5ct amethyst ring by QP Jewellers

If she favours outlandish styles and bold colours then choosing an item which boasts deep colour variations and a large carat weight would be ideal. This statement piece contains a large emerald shaped amethyst which is set in white gold. There is nothing discrete about this style of ring and it's guaranteed to get noticed. If purple isn't her colour of choice, we offer this style of ring with a multitude of gemstone options including fiery citrines and cool blue topaz.

Oval cut ruby pendant by QP Jewellers

We offer a wide variety of eye-catching necklaces; this gorgeous pendant exhibits over 7 carats of ruby and is suspended by a white gold box chain. Both of these examples within our statement jewellery suggestions can be purchased singularly or as a complete jewellery set.


White gold diamond studs by QP Jewellers

If your loved one is of the opinion that less is more then she probably embraces a minimalistic style. QP Jewellers have many simplistic yet beautiful designs which will compliment both evening and casual wear for the lady who doesn't want bold jewellery. A pair of stunning white gold diamond studs is the perfect accompaniment to any jewellery collection. Diamond stud earrings are unparalleled at offering understated beauty that can be worn on just about any occasion.

2.0ct pearl pendant by QP Jewellers

Our freshwater pearl necklaces offer a modern twist on a classical design. Suspended by an elegant double link rope chain, this pearl offers alluring yet understated qualities. We offer every necklace in a choice of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold - find out which colour of gold your loved one currently wears and use this to help you in your decision making.

Feminine Style

Blue topaz butterfly pendant by QP Jewellers

Is she a real girly girl? If so, then we have some magnificent suggestions which are both delicate and very pretty. Our fine, feminine touch jewellery is not only elegant in design but incredibly strong and ergonomically crafted by hand. This charming blue topaz butterfly pendant would make a fantastic gift for a loved one. Its feminine design lends itself to an ocean of colours within these Swiss Blue topaz stones. Elegantly suspended with a white gold double link rope chain, this delightful necklace is sure to add a splash of femininity and class in any jewellery collection.

Gold, ruby & peridot earrings by QP Jewellers

Forget buying her the same old flower bouquet: why not surprise her with some gorgeous ruby and peridot flower earrings? These adorable earrings are held securely in place with a leverback design. Ruby and peridot complement one another perfectly in these gold earrings. With its cute ruby petals and peridot leaves, this gift idea is a sure winner for femininity.


0.5ct diamond necklace by QP Jewellers

Perhaps she's style-conscious? If so, you should turn your sights towards our sophisticated and modern designs. Over the years our designs have been praised for the balance brought between practicality and elegance which is often hard to achieve with fine jewellery. The smooth curve of this white gold pendant supports a half carat round cut diamond. As one of our most celebrated pieces, this necklace is supported with a stunning double link rope chain and is yours with a choice of thicknesses and lengths.

1.35ct ruby solitaire ring by QP Jewellers

This fabulous ring is a modern twist of the classical solitaire. Boasting a beautifully set deep red ruby, this particular ring was selected by Vogue magazine as a feature piece in Christmas 2011. An exotic round cut ruby sits at the centre of this solitaire ring which is available in a choice of three gold colours.

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