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About QP Jewellers

Our goal

QP Jewellers have been committed to providing high quality fine jewellery for years. Our goal has remained consistent from the very start: to offer genuine diamond and gemstone jewellery at the lowest possible prices.

Your experience

We recognise that choosing your jewellery may not always be a straightforward task, so we always ensure you have our full guidance and support prior to making your purchase. The experience of buying jewellery should always be a special one, be it for a gift, a token of love and appreciation, to commemorate a special moment, to say a special thank you or simply just to treat yourself. No matter what the occasion, we're confident that at QP you'll find the perfect jewellery gift.

Our commitment to quality

Our eye for quality ensures that when you make your purchase you'll be 100% satisfied. We regularly check all lines of jewellery as part of our Quality Control operation, and we ensure only the best diamonds and gemstones are selected in the manufacturing process. You won’t find better value for money anywhere else online, and that's our guarantee.

D Adams
Managing Director

UK Headquarters:

Endurance House
Queensway South
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE11 0EF
United Kingdom
0845 643 6191

QP Jewellers (UK) Ltd. (Company # 8662302)