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About Us

‘I adore wearing gems… not because they’re mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.’

- Elizabeth TAYLOR

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QP Jewellers are established purveyors of fine gemstone and diamond jewellery. Looking to the future, we create cutting-edge gemstone designs shaped with an intricate array of different cuts, hues and settings. Rest assured this is jewellery that aspires to the very zenith of quality.

Since we started, many years ago, our goal has always been simple: we want to offer an honest, ethical service predicated upon a strong appreciation for new and unique jewellery. At the same time we want to couple our knowledge and care with the ability to bring you genuine diamond and gemstone jewellery at the lowest possible prices.

“It has always been our intention to be original, bold and, most importantly, ethical.”

David ADAMS &

Old friends David Adams and Matt Silversides are now the avid helmsmen steering QP Jewellers, their flagship jewellery store. With an adventurous and honest approach they delve into the world of wearable art, bringing their following a collection that is as at once both skilfully wrought and intricately diverse.

“I remember launching the brand on to the web like it was yesterday. Propelling a traditional jewellery store into the 21st century was a very exciting moment for me.”

- David ADAMS

Dedicated to a hands-on approach, the pair have travelled throughout America to discover jewellery artisans and to oversee the shaping of potential new designs first-hand. Last year they also travelled through Asia and attended flourishing Jewellery Fairs, where they found themselves wandering through rivers of gemstone suppliers, designers and jewellery lovers that flowed in their droves.

“We’re always seeking unique jewellery… Popular foreign exhibitions offer our prospective suppliers the perfect podium to showcase their talent.”


Quality Is Everything

If it’s true that Mother Nature is the one true artist, then her finest work should be protected. We believe that’s true, which is why we’re always careful to protect the unique effusions of each and every gemstone in our collection.

Promoting the organic beauty of the natural world alongside the finest lab grown stones, the QP collection features an array of unique designs distinguishable for their rarity and elegance. To ensure that our pieces meet your expectations we work closely with the Edinburgh Assay Office. At this facility every piece of jewellery is hallmarked and put through a series of rigorous quality-assurance tests. This is essential to the confidence that defines our approach.

At the same time we recognise that the search for the perfect piece of jewellery can sometimes be quite daunting. That’s why we’ve tailored our services to offer you guidance and support at every turn. We want your purchase to feel special, because, let’s face it, we’re dealing with the most precious and refined talismans that exist in human society. It’s important that they be handled with care.

So, now you know a little of what to expect, we hope you enjoy your journey into the QP Collection. No matter the occasion, we’re confident that you will find a piece to love forever.

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